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Eaton Compressor

Eaton Compressor: Spanning Over 30 years

Eaton CompressorEaton Compressor has a story that started the same way many other inspiring success stories do: with the passion of a man who put everything he had—blood, sweat, tears, and prayers—into making a dream and vision come true. Marvin W. Cain spent several years working hard as a mechanical engineer with General Motors in the heavy industrial air compressor division. Through those years, Mr. Cain not only gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the mechanical design and function of industrial air compressors but also gained a keen sense of how a compressor should be built to get the job done right.


Eaton Compressor was founded as a result of this insight. Mr. Cain decided to take a shot at making his dream–his vision–become a reality. In 1977, Marvin W. Cain started an air compressor business in the basement of his family home, where he built compressors and sold them directly to end users wherever and whenever he could.


Eaton Compressor began with Mr. Cain’s faith in God as a foundation. Mr. Cain spent several years building his business with honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Using his extensive knowledge and expertise, Mr. Cain engineered unique designs and built compressors the “old way”—with heavy-duty industrial quality using 100% cast iron pumps, the highest quality electric and gas motors, heavy duty air tanks, and the best components in the industry.


Eaton Compressor is dedicated first and foremost to the customer. In building his business, Marvin Cain made this the pillar of his company’s foundation while also staying true to his humble nature – making a commitment to providing his customers with the most value he could give them for a fair “factory-direct” market price while providing the best service around.


Eaton Compressor soon became very popular. As is always the case when things are done the “right” way, people took notice of Marvin Cain’s products as well as the way he conducted his business. As a result, his business grew rapidly over the years.


Eaton Compressor has also had others play very important roles in its success. Barbara Cain, Marvin’s wife, was also a key to the company’s success. Barbara stood by Marvin’s side throughout the years offering, support, prayer, wisdom and many times – a helping hand.


Eaton Compressor also had other very important people that have contributed to its success. One such person is Matt Cain. Matt, one of Marvin’s sons, has been involved in the business since the start. His journey with the company began when he rolled his sleeves up at nine years of age. Matt idolized his father and was by his side in the beginning, following his father around the shop, where he learned all he could from his father about air compressors and the family business.


Eaton Compressor and its future direction were entrusted to Matt when his father Marvin Cain passed. Together with his mother Barbara, wife Tina, a group of loyal employees, and God’s grace and blessing, Matt took all of the experience he gained from the years by his father’s side and grew the business to new levels. In July 2009, Eaton Compressor opened an impressive 60,000 square foot facility in Clayton, Ohio, just outside of Dayton. The facility serves as the corporate headquarters and houses manufacturing and warehouse operations. It also boasts an impressive product showroom.


Eaton Compressor today is a premier manufacturer of air compressors and air products located just outside of Dayton, Ohio. Eaton Compressor is family owned and operated and has been servicing customers with premium industrial / commercial air compressors “factory direct” for over 35 years. Eaton Compressor’s unique, innovative products, combined with their award winning service and support, offer customers the best value in the air compressor market today!


Eaton Compressor is still holding fast to the uncompromising core foundation and values that Marvin W. Cain established back in 1977.

You can get your Polar Air by Eaton Compressor products today by visiting Eaton Compressor at or calling 877-283-7614.


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